Write around town scavenger

This web page has a Wheel of Fortune puzzle generator which has up to four lines for you to type in your clue. I use a variety of tools in order to make the clues interesting and give the kids an age-appropriate challenge.

Rebus clues can be made as difficult or as easy as you wish. An easy list can include a blonde woman, an old man, a teenager in sneakers and a boy walking a dog. Especially for children, it is a good idea to leave dashes below the puzzle indicating the length of the word the clue is pointing to.

Best Scavenger Hunt Clue Ideas

Remember that creating these clues takes time, so give yourself at least three days to a week in order to prepare your hunt. You may also want to scramble the letters for the clue within the puzzle rather than entering them in succession.

Write a clue location with dashes in the place of every vowel. Secret Code Clues I once printed up a copy of Egyptian hieroglyphics and used it as a code. Write a clue backwards and instruct children to hold it up in a mirror in order to read it. Be sure to note on the clue that hunters will need to use a telephone to decipher the clue.

Around Town Scavenger Hunt Ideas

You can create your own using symbols or numbers. Using numbers in place of letters is an easy way to create the code eg. She thoroughly enjoyed her first scavenger hunt, particularly her present at the end. Seuss or nursery rhyme books can inspire you and give you the feel for writing a rhyme clue.

Just find a web page that has the name of an item where you plan to hide a clue, then write down the web address, paragraph number and word number on the clue.

If making a clue for a child create a word search 5 by 5. Provide each group with a digital camera and a list of small or hidden locations where they need to take a group picture. Players have to assemble the pieces to find the location of their next clue.

How to Write Fun and Challenging Scavenger Hunt Clues

Use this idea in a hunt that moves from clue to clue or create a list of pictures whose locations need to be found within a certain time period. By the way, the answer to the clue above isin case you were wondering. It can be found in any town.

A sample clue would be This clue is best used if you are doing a neighborhood or park hunt, though it works well if you have a large house too. Online clues are also useful if you want the participants to find a certain missing word. The clue would read No other clue matches the sense of adventure that this type of clue provides IMO.

Another way of doing picture clues is to either take a picture or print an image of an object where you want to hide another clue, then cut the picture into about 4 or more pieces, as seen below.

Decide which ones he acted in and unscramble the letters to the right hand side of each to discover the location of your next clue.

Once the participant comes to their final clue, they can tape up the pieces of the map they have collected and make their way to their "treasure.Feb 17,  · Best Scavenger Hunt Clue Ideas. Updated on June 7, worldseeker.


Coolest Around Town Scavenger Hunt List Ideas

(12) took him around the house (inside and out) and brought him back to the altoid tin where his gift (cash) was under the first clue.

Worldseeker, I have to write 4 scavenger hunts for a freelance writing job, and your hub has really helped Reviews: No matter the age, this scavenger hunt grows with your child. Find out how and grab the Around Town Scavenger Hunt FREE Printable and go on a hunt today! The Around Town Scavenger Hunt is designed to collect items from local places in your own city.

These items will be brought back to your home base for final scoring. No camera needed for this list!

Around Town Scavenger Hunts

Around town scavenger hunts can be a fun social activity for any adult or adult-supervised gathering. The hunts are an effective way to get players to explore the people and places in your town.

The games also help everyone get moving and burn off some energy. Scavenger hunts are highly versatile and easy to match to. Looking for an excuse to be out and about?

Then, try one of these fun around town scavenger hunts. Whether you're planning a night out with friends or an afternoon at the mall, there's a scavenger hunt here for you. Writing your own scavenger hunt clues can be a lot of fun, especially when you vary the types of clues you create throughout the hunt.

(I will have my guests running around town solving clues, completing challenges, and documenting the whole thing by using cameras.) Thanks for your nice ideas about how to write fun and challenging.

Write around town scavenger
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