Work gender differentials in singapore

This has consequences for global business too.

Pushed into shouldering this demanding role, women are often hampered by inflexible workplace conditions and lack of access to affordable caregiving alternatives. Some of the things I was limited to during this study included lack of finance, limited time and problem in getting materials on time.

Statistics from the Ministry of Manpower MOM show that women earn less than men, even when they have the same working hours and qualifications as their male counterparts.

This article was originally published in the Straits Times on 18 October As a source for additional understanding of the subject 2.

We are still behind our regional peers and at about half the percentages of the European Union, United States and Australia. To some extent this is due to point two, which results in the dwindling of the available pool of female candidates for higher positions.

Fourth, gender equality should also extend to women who come to work here. Most women still prefer to be elevated for merit-based reasons. As a source for ideas for you own research if properly referenced 3. The schools which have been sitting for the WASC examination for up to four years were chosen.

There is no significant difference in the level of achievement of girls secondary schools. However, the lack of progress bears re-evaluating this organic strategy.

Women are also under-represented in the workplace. This explains why 64 per cent of women, compared with 38 per cent of men, rely on their immediate families to assist with medical expenses, according to a National University of Singapore-Singapore Health Services study on health- care financing.

This is more so, in a society like ours, where English is the language of instruction in schools. Could a mindset shift of men taking on more household duties help?

For only with gender equality, will the other Singapore ideals - democracy, peace, progress and justice - be fully realised. Globally and in Singapore, a disproportionate responsibility for caregiving for children, the elderly or disabled family members falls on women, often as unpaid labour.

The language of trade and an accepted medium of communication in all facets of life. Second, although a roughly equal number of women enter tertiary institutions as men, there is a fall-off of employed women in their 30s because of child-rearing and caregiving.

Women have approximately 40 per cent less savings in their CPF accounts compared with men. Singapore has not attempted to establish a national poverty line.

Unequal incomes deprive women of financial stability, access to essentials such as adequate health care, and the opportunity to accumulate adequate Central Provident Fund CPF savings.Work Gender Differentials in Singapore Essay There is significant disparity in work gender in Singapore.

In this essay I have decided to address the issues of work gender differential in Singapore such as gender inequality, Wage Gap and Glass ceiling. The WEF's Global Gender Gap Report ranks Singapore as 55th out of states (or 26th among 45 high-income countries).

The Philippines, despite being less developed than Singapore, ranks eighth on the list. Countries succeed in reducing the gender gap through policies that enable both parents to cope with work and family. The result is. In this essay I have decided to address the issues of work gender differential in Singapore such as gender inequality, Wage Gap and Glass ceiling.

Five gender gaps Singapore women still face in 2015

Sex War is not over in Singapore While it is true that Singapore has become a world-class city with highly advancements in many aspects, however, it not a true sentiment when it comes to gender equality. * Gender Wage Differential = (1- (Female Median Gross Wage/Male Median Gross Wage)) X For gender wage differentials in other occupations, please refer to the source cited.

** Data are classified based on Singapore Standard Occupation Classification (SSOC) • “Not everyone has maids: work-life balance policies and their class differential effects in Singapore,” XVIII International Sociological Association’s World Congress of Sociology, July 13.

an assessment of gender differentials following common approaches to discerning the source of male and female productivity differences. Section 4 provides insight into the relative importance of different factors in explaining gender differences using a OaxacaBlinder decomposition.

Work gender differentials in singapore
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