Website profile writing assignment

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In this assignment, you will write a word profile of someone you know. Purpose and Audience Considerations: However, do not agree to show them your story before you publish it. Follow guidelines given in the syllabus and in class. We offer unique papers written from scratch following particular instructions of every client.

If yes, how did this affect you? If anything is unclear for you, or you need consultation, please feel free to call or email our support team. Profiles might emphasize the exotic, peculiar or bizarre, but they always get beyond the surface, sometimes with emphasis on social, political, or moral implications implicit in the topic.

Profiles share many features with autobiography, such as narrative, anecdote, description, and dialogue. But I want us to think more broadly in this profile assignment. Jot down any ideas you have for writing the story. Does she flinch every time she sees someone toss a bit of trash on the ground?

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Profile Essay We are here to write your essays If you are still searching for someone to complete your essay and cannot make up your mind which site is better and where you can get the real help, then you should just contact us. Sample Profile Assignment. Home» For Teachers: Composition Program Information» CO Writing and Style» Sample Profile Assignment “Profile” assignment.

Some how-to websites and writing resources define a profile narrowly: A profile is the story of one person, sometimes two, or even a group who are engaged in a common endeavor. Jun 11,  · Edit Article How to Write a Personal Profile Outline.

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Profile Assignment For a printable copy, click here: Profile Assignment Purpose: The purpose for this assignment is to practice the steps of writing a profile of someone you know well and like.

We will practice the five processes of rhetoric, namely: invention, arrangement, style, memory, and delivery. (To practice memory we will simply use.

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Website profile writing assignment
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