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A description of the research design and instruments and data gathering methods. Students are strongly encouraged to seek out courses that speak to their interests so Thesis ubc they may benefit from a group learning environment.

The Committee may recommend that the student meet new requirements that may have been adopted in the interim, or may require the student to take additional courses.

The candidate should submit seven copies of the thesis: Thesis students are expected to develop an equivalent thesis and DFS plan. Department requirements have been met; student is registered with fees paid; supervisory committee has approved thesis for submission to External Examiner; Department speed chart number.

Provide reasons for the pertinence of your selected approach and articulate the stages of research you anticipate.

Following the question period, the Thesis Supervisory Committee will meet in closed session in order to evaluate the proposal. The faculty member will decide according to the feasibility of the research project and the scholarly readiness of the student.

Once the Head has approved the course, the student will be registered in the course by the Graduate Thesis ubc. In its procedures for assessing the thesis, an extra-departmental or outside examiner is to be selected by the Committee.

PhD Theatre Studies

Regulations of the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies regarding approval of the thesis and thesis abstract will apply. All theses will be freely available electronically through the UBC Library website and the Library and Archives Canada website shortly after submission.

Dissertation & Thesis Preparation

Others have had found the program invaluable for enhancing their credentials and finding work as professional dramaturgs, actors, directors, college instructors, secondary school teachers and Thesis ubc administrators.

If you would like an exception to any of these specifications, please contact the Thesis Section well in advance of your final submission to determine whether or not this is acceptable. Review the theory ies and methodologies that have been used or could be used to understand the problem.

Faculty regulations prohibit any student from applying more than 6 credits of Directed Reading toward the credit requirements for a degree.

The research supervisor in consultation with the Graduate Advisor sets the date for oral presentation. A written notification of the presentation must be circulated at least 10 days in advance. Copies of the proposal must be provided to all committee members at least two weeks 10 working days prior to the meeting.

Student transferring from the MA to the PhD will be asked to take a number of credits determined by the Graduate Committee. Students are encouraged to take the Language seminars, Studies in English Historical LinguisticsLinguistic Studies in Contemporary Englishand Studies in Rhetoric whenever they are offered.

The comprehensive examination process asks the student to: A student who is not admitted to candidacy will be required to withdraw from the program. Review Process Graduate Chair shall circulate a memo to all Theatre Program Masters and Doctoral candidates requesting that they prepare for their annual review.

These fields should exhibit a balance of specialist and generalist knowledge in the field, and a range of methodological inquiry i. Sample thesis Supplementary materials: December Submission of Ethics form, with all signatures and attachments, to UBC Ethics Committee four to six weeks may be required for ethical review.

Annotated Bibliography of twenty major works with which your research engages. Describe the procedures used in collecting, organizing and analyzing the data. Students interested in pursuing this option should consult with the Graduate Chair and obtain the necessary forms from Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies FoGS.

The application and approval process for a Directed Reading is as follows: For example, a student whose thesis topic concerned Sharon Pollock could not simply create a list of her plays, critical works and critical works about her. The request indicates the acceptance of the dissertation for the purpose of giving the exam.

The entire Supervisory Committee evaluates the prospectus and the final draft of the thesis before each is submitted for examination.

Empowering graduate students to explore, innovate, & challenge ideas

To be admitted to viva, candidates must pass all fields at the same time; candidates may not pass the examination on a field-by-field basis. Survey the literature in the proposed field and define the field through engagement with its major works.

As soon as the student has decided upon an area of specialization, preferably by the end of the first year with full standing, the student should formulate a topic and strike up a Supervisory Committee, which includes a primary supervisor and at least one reader or at most two readers selected in consultation with the Supervisor.

Current Students

The Department provides a partial listing of courses potentially of interest to Theatre graduate students just before the Registration period commences.

Failure Pass Pass with distinction Failures and Adjournment: To read the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies policy on application for readmission, click here.

The final form of the thesis must be prepared in accordance with the regulations set down by the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies and with the formal approval of all committee members.The Department of English at UBC offers the MA either with or without a thesis.

Either degree qualifies the student to apply for the PhD program. Typically, approximately one-third of any given MA cohort in the department is working on a thesis-based MA. Note on terminology: The term "thesis" in this section of the website is used collectively to refer to both master's theses and doctoral dissertations.

Final versions of all UBC theses must be approved by the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies and must conform to the specifications given here. Search for UBC Theses in cIRcle. In cIRcle you can search UBC theses and dissertations by program.

At the cIRcle home page, select Theses & Dissertations under Browse Collections and on the next page click on UBC Theses & Dissertations. On the right side of the page you can browse UBC theses by department, faculty and program.

M.A. Degree Requirements (Language or Literature)

OEH Curriculum Both the Thesis and Project option require the completion of 42 credits. Below is a list of required core courses, recommended electives, and additional electives you may wish to choose from. A thesis is the final product of a student’s time in graduate school.

Students should begin planning their thesis from the beginning of their degree program. THESIS. Thesis submission instructions: Your thesis must be submitted as a single file PDF which is compatible with Adobe Acrobat version 5 file format.

Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETDs) 2008+

This file is then submitted to cIRcle, UBC's Digital Repository. See the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies site for details on Electronic Submission at UBC.

Thesis ubc
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