The curse by andre dubus

Nobody says anything or is looking at him in that way. Jan 25, Glenn Russell rated it it was amazing Andre DubusStoryteller par exellence Many of us involved with books — reading books, writing books, reviewing books - are well aware fiction writing is a unique calling.

She loads the horror film in the player and settles in after fixing herself more tea. Even the understanding of his wife and stepchildren does not comfort him. He feels old and tired. It is a location where innocence comes to die.

The Curse (Dubus story)

Watching the mother in the movie start to cry, the woman also starts crying. The unknown force increases, causing violence to not only the mother but also her three children.

The dilemma The curse by andre dubus presents haunts the reader, who is led to ponder the moral questions, What would I do if I saw a crime being committed, but I were outnumbered and unarmed?

Dubus, of course, needed to let the reader know the mental anguish The curse by andre dubus feels. To do this, he reiterates the fact that Mitchell feels older and the details of the rape that he witnessed.

Mitchell is immediately uncomfortable with the five rowdy strangers who come into the bar, primarily because he thinks they have been using drugs. Once in their driveway, she asks her husband to please drive the sitter home, which he does.

The Curse Themes

The question is as relevant in a small-town bar in the United States as it was in the days of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler in Germany. He remains this way throughout the book, but Dubus says in the onset that he feels like an elderly, with an "exhaustion that could not be overcome with sleep and rest".

Is would not have worked if Dubus described everything in a cheerful manner or with joy in his prose, it has to be grim. At the very beginning of the story, the reader is treated with details about Mitchell, mostly physical.

The Curse by Andre Dubus - Story Analysis - Research Paper Example

During the drive, in the darkness, snow piled high on either side of the road, she lets her husband know that adult son Stephen told her about his religious experience. He lists all the facts about a location, yet he still uses his words to imply details about places or people.

Dubus also confronts the culture of violence common in the United States. He feels he had an ethical responsibility to the victim but at the same time did not want to put himself in danger of being beaten up by the five men, which would have brought grief to his family.

Still hunched over the steering wheel, not taking his eyes off the road, her husband notes the religious experience must have worked since he knocked off the booze and started going to AA. The woman sips her tea and reflects on the past conversation she had with her adult son Stephen, how he told her that he heard a voice when driving his car, how he then felt a loving presence enter him and how he surrendered to this presence which gave him the strength to quit drinking.

When the police arrive, including Smiitty, a guy he knew since they both went to the same high school in this small town, Mitchell tells him he could have stopped the rape. The men were loud and edgy, and Mitchell thought they had been using drugs.

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The next morning Mitchell also tells his teenage son Marty and teenage daughter Joyce, how the girl was crying and taken to the hospital and all the gang members are now in jail. He tells her what has happened, and she agrees with Smitty that he could not have prevented it.

Dubus tells everything from a neutral point of view, he talks about what happens to Mitchell with no interjections. Kingsley Amis and son Martin come immediately to mind as do John Updike and son David; actually, we might think of another father-son fiction writing duo: Plot[ edit ] Mitchell, a man who is clearly an Average Joehe married a divorced women and adopted her two teenagers, they are normal.

He still has flashbacks to that night weeks after the event, hallucinating that she and the bikers are still in his bar, remembering every puny detail. The one she did not watch is a horror film.

The Curse Summary

Dubus used both exposition and indirect characterization to create a likable and realistic character for The Curse. He seems to be a kind man, he loves his wife and "children", he clearly cared about the victim in his bar. Most of all, Mitchell thinks back at what the girl said to him, words he took as a curse, a curse he now feels moving into his back and spreading down his spine and into his stomach and legs and arms and shoulders, a curse we know as readers he will be hearing every day for the remainder of his life.

Unlock This Study Guide Now Start your hour free trial to unlock this 4-page The Curse study guide and get instant access to the following: How could I live with myself if I stood by and watched? Although she had purish intentions, she ended up getting raped by men who possess no respect for women.

Mitchell goes home and tells his wife, a nurse, what happened at the bar.(Professor) (Subject) “The Curse” by Andre Dubus The curse is a short story, which deals with effects that result from violence. One is able to feel how the character analyses situation and his reaction to the circumstances involved.

Dubus used both exposition and indirect characterization to create a likable and realistic character for The Curse. The setting in The Curse is pretty mundane: the first. Andre Dubus was born in in Lake Charles, Louisiana. He was educated at the Cathedral School in Lafayette and graduated from McNeese State College inwhere he majored in.

'The Curse'; by Andre Dubus is about Mitchell Hayes, a forty-nine year old bartender who is witness to a rape. The rape occurs right before closing when five bikers rape a. Biographical Sketch Andre Dubus was born in Lake Charles, Louisiana, on 11 August as the third child and only son of Andre J.

Dubus and his wife Katherine Burke Dubus. - Andre Dubus III's House of Sand and Fog "House of Sand and Fog," by Andre Dubus III, explores the catastrophic repercussions of a complex misunderstanding between three characters.

The conflict initially involves a dispute between Kathy Nicolo and Massoud Behrani over the “rightful” ownership of a house.

The curse by andre dubus
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