Term paper in mastery learning

In this process slow learners are not kept back and gifted students would perform to their own higher capacities. We offer short random assessment test to gauge the understanding of our learners from time to time. He suggested that learning outcomes in most all subject areas can be enhanced through the mastery learning method.

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The benefit to be derived by the educational system from these is the fact that good and accomplished teachers will be retained. The Elementary School Journal, 91 1 Like most adults, I have a certain routine in my life to which I am accustomed. The same instruction is presented to a number of students.

This plan was known as the Winnetka Plan, in which "primarily self-instructional practice materials were used, although the teacher occasionally tutored individuals or small groups" p.

Mastery Learning

They presented results of 15 studies in which examination results in Keller and conventional courses were compared. Hence, students with high scores have been the ones to whom the teachers have directed most of their attention.

Benjamin Bloom: Mastery Learning Free Essay, Term Paper and Book Report

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Thus, our educational system is based on the notion that allows performance to vary in the classroom. Time, equality, and mastery learning.

Mastery: How to Achieve It&nbspTerm Paper

Life Coaching Gaining focus course: As cited in CarrollBloom came up with an important component of instruction which is time. Gage and Berliner quoted Mueller as asserting that mastery learning a takes much of the responsibility for learning away from students, who may end up not knowing how to learn independently; b requires non-fixed-time instructional units or greatly liberalized time allocations; c makes faster learner "wait around" while slower learner catch up, unless the faster learners are motivated to spend their time achieving objectives beyond the pre-specified ones; d commits a major part of finite instructional resources -- corrective effort, teacher aides, peer tutoring, and alternative learning materials -- to slower students and e assumes that everything in an instructional unit must be learned equally well by almost all students, although beyond basic skills and hierarchical subjects such as mathematics this assumption is hard to defend p.

The teacher should have a set of objectives for students to follow. If we are learning algebra, for example, an understanding of later material requires a complete understanding of earlier material. What is done in classrooms now is the same as what was done one hundred years ago: A model of school learning.View this term paper on Mastery How to Achieve it.

This course made me much more self-critical about the way I use my time and plan my life Making a career transition. This research paper describes how mastery learning originated and the essential elements involved in its implementation. It discusses the improvements in student learning that typically result from the use of mastery learning and how this strategy provides practical solutions to a variety of pressing instructional problems.

Mastery learning, initially, is a theory about teaching and learning. It emphasizes the belief that any educator can aid almost all students to learn excellently. By the term ‘excellently’, what is indicated is the maximum potential of the individual to learn.

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Term paper in mastery learning
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