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Unintended Consequences Though school districts have had plenty of time to prepare, thousands of students are now in limbo. Compulsory-schooling policies, in a broader context, exist to set minimum expectations about school attendance and attainment.

Officials hope to encourage school districts to find solutions in order to smooth over the transition for former dropouts that now must return to school. The issue is one of push and pull.

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With so much hardship associated with leaving high school before graduating, why do so many students decide to do it? However, the benefit of keeping reluctant students in the classroom longer is not universally accepted. A number of randomized controlled trials have found that the program, developed at the University of Minnesota, leads to lower tardiness and absenteeism and increased graduation, as well as to increases in literacy and school completion.

On average, a dropout earns less money, is more likely to be in jail, is less healthy, is less likely to be married, and is unhappier than a high-school graduate.

Although there is not an off-the-shelf compulsory-schooling program, a comparison can be made by hypothesizing a program that has substantially more teachers and classrooms to hold class size constant, as well as substantially more truant officers to deal with potentially unenthusiastic students.

Raise dropout age to keep teens in school

Penn Foster also kept me out of trouble in school and kept me away from people who were a negative influence in my life.

Meet Brandon Brandon a 19 year old father with a 4 year old son. Most wanted schools, teachers and parents to expect more of them and provide more supports along the way. While Kentucky raised its dropout age from 16 to 18, Maryland raised its dropout age from 16 to 17, with plans to raise it again to 18 in Instead, we could respond in a much more supportive way, one that is both emotionally mature and financially efficient.

Hearing from Students First-Hand In order to hear from students first-hand, Penn Foster interviewed two former high school dropouts that chose to enroll in an alternative pathways program offered by their school district. Compulsory schooling, then, is only expensive insofar as it is successful in keeping students in school, which, the economic evidence suggests, is a worthy goal.

The act of dropping out must be understood not as a single event but an outcome that begins with school disengagement, often long before the dropout finally decides to stop coming to class. Beyond these direct costs, there may be indirect costs, many of which are difficult to quantify.

This includes reforming the way we hire and fire teachers, making curricula more specified to the needs of students, abandoning one-size-fits-all policies and offering more outside-the-classroom support for struggling students.

Compulsory schooling and education in general are usually legislated at the state level.Jan 27,  · Higher Dropout Age May Not Lead To More Diplomas In his State of the Union address, President Obama called on every state to require students.

Raising the Dropout Age Essay Words 6 Pages Children are told from a young age that it is mandatory for them to graduate from high school, but it’s not until they are on the verge of dropping out that they hear the importance for staying in school. Raising the Dropout Age. By John Bridgeland.

Staying in School: A Proposal for Raising High-School Graduation Rates

Coupled with other proven reforms and supports, raising the compulsory school-age law is a powerful tool that helps stem the dropout tide. Staying in School: A Proposal for Raising High-School Graduation Rates By making school attendance compulsory until age 18 and adding targeted support programs.

Raising the Dropout Age

States like Kentucky and Maryland are raising the legal dropout age. Find out how these new laws are affecting non-traditional students. Will Raising the Legal Dropout Age Help Students?

While Kentucky raised its dropout age from 16 to 18, Maryland raised its dropout age from 16 to 17, with plans to raise it again to 18 in With. U. TORONTO (CAN) — Raising the age at which students can legally drop out of school could determine their future earning power and quality of life, according to a new paper.

On average, high.

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Raising the dropout age essay
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