My contribution towards better india

It is true that we have been independent from the British rule however not from the greediness, crimes, corruption, irresponsibility, social issues, child labour, poverty, cruelty, terrorism, female infanticide, gender inequality, dowry death, gang rape, and other illegal activities.

They should not destroy and dirt the heritages and other tourist places. Police is allotted at various places in the city, state and national level in order to maintain security, peace and harmony all over the country.

It is a task or action needed to be performed as a job by each and every citizen of the country. They should understand their loyal duties and chose a good leader to lead their country in right direction.

It is our mistake that our country is still in the category of developing country and not in the developed country. They should provide solutions to needy people, vote intelligently and pay their all taxes a proper time.

They should teach their all students in equal manner in order to give good leaders and bright future to the country. People must take interest in the daily news other than their daily routine activities in order to know what bad or good are going on in their country. They perform their duty regularly even they face various big problems on the orders.

Duties of a person towards country are very important to maintain its dignity, bright future, and lead it towards betterment. Being a common citizen, no one shows sympathy with the crime and must raise voice against that. The most important goal of our life is to make our country a great country in true sense.

They are away from their loved ones and do not get comfort and luxury life. Duty towards my Country Essay 2 words Duty towards country is having moral commitments and performing all the individual or group responsibilities.

Performing duty loyally is the responsibility of Indian citizens and is the demand of development in country. It is us who have right to rule the country by selecting a good leader. Loyal duties of citizens aim to remove all the social issues, bring real independence in the country and come under the category of developed countries.

Common Citizen Aam Adami: They have feeling of respect to each other and must respect social and economic policies for the welfare of the country.Not everyone wants to contribute towards society, rather they just expect what they want from the society and do nothing about it.

The Incredible Dog Rescuers And Animal Lovers Of India - They Keep Our Hope Alive In Humanity! - The Better India 4. We need better ways to manage and contribution by all and not just some when it comes to.

What is your contribution to company's progress through your personal efforts and success at work?

Jun 20,  · 9 Little Contributions You Can Make To Make Our Country Better. 1 K SHARES. Home News india world sports weird. same level as Beijing. In such conditions, being environment-friendly can have a huge impact on making our country a better place with better air. Plant a tree, use eco-friendly materials in your daily life, use.

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My Duty towards my Country Essay

Deependra Nawalgaria, Its in itself a contribution towards development of India. I volunteer with an NGO and do my bit towards making the nation a better place to live in. Free Essays on My Contribution Towards Progress Of My Country India.

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Read us! What is your contribution to company's progress through your personal efforts and success at work?

Follow upove within you then you shall look into how the organization is performing and use creativity and innovation to find better substitutes and you shall think of what if: What is your company's contribution towards preservation of.

My contribution towards better india
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