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Her writing interests evolved to include poetry, novels, short fiction, and essays. No one questioned this arrangement. Biographical Information Kumin was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Often classified as a transcendentalist, Kumin probes the human relationship to nature and celebrates the redemptive qual ities of the natural world. Who rustles drily inside my gown? Winding the bobbin was another exercise in arcana.

At the front of the room an oilcloth chart the size of a pull-down map of South America displayed the steps to be followed in threading this diabolical invention, the Singer sewing machine. The former possessed a technical ability honed from study; the latter wrote with a raw voice that was brilliantly fresh.

At the age of five, Maxine was sent to school to the nuns next door, which was immensely convenient. The bobbin thread, so assiduously wound, drawn up from its little coffin and conjoined with the needle, snapped free and retreated underground.

Follow the chart at the front of the room. It is at such times that many critics feel she slips into blatant metaphor and prosaic lines of summation.

Kumin is a Pulitzer Prize-winning poet whose verse often portrays the simple workings of day-to-day life Maxine kumin essay her Warner, New Hampshire, farm. She earned a B.

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Why did my fingers tremble? She continues in this vein with House, Bridge, Fountain, Gate. Unlike Sexton or Plath, however, she does not dwell on despair; thus, she is known for her survival poems.

When she looks at something I have seen, she makes me see it better. A horrified Miss Morrison sent me to the nurse, who called my mother, who rescued me. They phoned each other daily, often writing a poem after ending the phone call. Her effort to work in a factory to support the war effort was thwarted by a mysterious fever which resolved itself eventually revealed as a severe case of measles.

Her writing has been compared to that of her late close friend, Anne Sexton, and in some aspects to the work of Sylvia Plath. My thread, so painstakingly arranged, broke and flew out of its settings.

When she looks at something I do not know, I therefore trust her.

O Mother Superior Rosarine on whose lap the privileged visitor lolled — I at age four with my darling nuns, with Sister Elizabeth, Sister Ann, am offered to Jesus, the Jewish child- next-door, who worships your ample black gown, your eyebrows as thick as mustachioed twins, your rimless glasses, your ring of pale gold — who can have stolen my darling nuns?

She was the youngest and only girl of 4 children born between and Major Works Halfway, her first collection of verse, was published in when Kumin was thirty-six and deals with topics she has explored throughout her career: Each call was another session in their own continual workshopping.

It was simply a given. She switched to the public school in third grade since her father did not approve of private schools because it did not prepare you to meet the real world.

She became the chief headline composer of the union weekly newspaper. As the twig is bent, said your harridan nuns.

“Sound of Night” Maxine Kumin

She found encouragement for her writing at the Boston Center for Adult Education, where she met and befriended poet Anne Sexton. But poet and reviewer Diane Wakoski defended Kumin as "best at… [m]aking images, wonderful images, that turn into big metaphors.

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Norton, click here to read the poem. School was a sturdy down-one-hill-and-up-the-other one-mile walk from our house, and I trudged there and back twice a day.

Next you looped the thread under an upside-down hook, then crossed to another eyelet, finally down to the foot, after which you trepidatiously threaded the needle and lowered it with an abrupt snap-think spider trapping its prey-to catch the bobbin thread.

She was a member of the Radcliffe crew and swam all four years, captaining her senior year. The war was in full swing and Cambridge was full of uniforms.

Playing with dualities, and manipulating everyday language so that it works with complexity of idea and pattern. I could swim the Australian crawl, post to the trot, and smack a softball past third base, but I could not coordinate the flywheel and the treadle. Another volume that exhibits thoughtful naming is The Retrieval System, which was written as a memorial to Anne Sexton, who killed herself in Like Sexton, Kumin writes personal poems that focus on the inner lives of her characters.

The ties and separations inherent in families, especially "the privilege" of being a member of a family, are explored.Essay on Maxine Kumin - Maxine Kumin is considered one of the best Jewish American poets of her time.

She has won a Pulitzer Prize in for her work in Up Country. She has been compared to Anne Sexton, who was a fellow American confessionalist poet.

Confessionalist poets tend to focus their poetry on personal matters that took place in their. Woodchucks by Maxine Kumin Essay Woodchucks “ Woodchucks ” by Maxine Kumin is a poem that describes the gardener annoying and disturbing situation with woodchucks in his farm.

Woodchucks were eating and destroying vegetables; therefore, he really attempted to get rid of them and solve his problem. Free Essay: Woodchucks by Maxine Kumin Maxine Kumin?s, Woodchucks provides an interesting and creative perspective into the mind state of those influenced by.

Maxine Kumin definitely has a very shocking way of portraying her poetry. It can easily be seen that she has a deep love for nature and animals. Jun 03,  · Maxine Kumin – (Full name Maxine Winokur Kumin) American poet, novelist, short fiction writer, essayist, and author of children's books.

Many of the Sexton items in Maxine Kumin’s personal library testify to the emotional and literary ties between these two women. Perhaps the most striking illustration of this point is Maxine’s inscribed copy of Anne’s first book, To Bedlam and Part Way Back ().

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