Liberty and security essay

That Tuesday morning, 19 terrorists divided themselves into 4 teams and hijacked 4 commercial jets after they took off from civilian airfields in and around Boston.

Many of these measures are quite pointless and apart from causing a great deal of inconvenience and personal embarrassments do not contribute to improving security at all.

The advocates for liberty have no dispute with the necessity for safety. Travellers felt many of these procedures to be unnecessarily draconian and an infringement of their personal liberty, especially as there were a number of media reports in the weeks succeeding August 10 of aggressive airport staff, racial profiling and arbitrary unloading of passengers.

John Gilmore of the Libertarian Party has in this connexion, filed a lawsuit against officials of the US government and two airline companies. Branscombe, On September 27, two weeks after the attacks President Bush unveiled his new plans for enhancing flight security.

Critical journey items needed to be in transparent plastic bags to enable simple viewing and milk for infants required tasting by mothers in front of security guards.

The huge media story and endless speculation on TV about the ramifications of the conspiracy led to a number of false alarms as well as racist and xenophobic reactions. There is an inescapable and growing feeling that most state responses are knee jerk in nature and impractical to sustain for long periods.

Nevertheless, groups like Al Qaeeda, Hezbollah and other Islamic militant organizations pose the most dangerous security threat to citizens of democratic countries. The possibility that these targets will most commonly be geographically located in nations perceived to be enemies of Islam, e.

Presumably both these figures have gone up by now. Targeting aircraft again makes eminent sense for terrorists as aviation strikes also directly affect the tourism business. Aircraft and airlines are extremely vulnerable because of many factors.

Liberty And Security Essay Sample

Their concern and ire rests with the inappropriateness of the chosen measures and the lack of thought and planning that appears to have gone into their formulation and implementation.

Considering the demands upon time in the fast-paced lives that people lead, every extra half hour of delay brings frustration and resentment.

The President reasoned in his address that hundreds of agencies were handling the security of the United States and many of them did not know what the others were doing. There really were terrorist cells in places like Lackawanna, Pennsylvania.

No one survived in any of the aircraft. The arrests were made just as the men had decided to put the plan into action. These must necessarily include the investigation of every possible avenue as well as the adoption of measures that would appear to be logically necessary.

Terrorist attacks also affected, very significantly, the world tourism industry. There are a number of other revolutionary outfits in localized pockets. Their concern focuses on the basic nature of some of the measures implemented for the sake of security and their actual worth in actually being able to combat terrorism.

Tighter security restrictions in Britain and most other countries meant that airline travellers had to undergo detailed scrutiny, wide-eyed and speculative appraisals, uncomfortable questions, electronic scanners, metal detectors, body searches, documentation enquiries and baggage checks wherever they went, international or domestic, short flights or long.

Provide funds to compensate state governments for use of National Guard personnel to patrol airports. These decisions have been thrust upon them by the actions of enemies of freedom and liberty and by taking these measures, however inconvenient, they are merely doing their duty.

The Department of Homeland Security counts on technology to come to our rescue: October 10Available at Questia database: The White House thus wanted all security functions under one roof.

In free democracies, popular opinion and the media will always have views on Liberty and security essay correctness, or otherwise, of measures adopted by the government and, furthermore, on many occasions these will be very valid.

Some of these are overtly aggressive like the wars in Afghanistan and the Iraq, the taming of Libyan leader Gaddafi as well as the hunt for Osama bin Laden. In these five years, while there have been no repeat terrorist attacks inside the United States, episodes continue to happen in other parts of the world.

One of the most sensitive issues concerns racial profiling. The protection of aircraft, airports and flying passengers are necessary defensive strategies that will need implementation with foresight, thought and care.The statue of liberty can have many different definition to many different people.

The statue of liberty symbolizes that people are welcome to america with freedom. /5(8). Civil liberty are freedoms and rights exercised by individuals in any country provided by their country's legislation or international laws, for example the right to life, freedom of speech, freedom of expression, the right to privacy, the right to security and liberty.

LESSON PLAN balancing liberty and security BACKGROUND/HOMEWORK [10 minutes the day before] Have students read Handout A: Balancing Liberty and Security Background Essay. Liberty And Security Essay Sample.

Abstract. The world today faces its biggest threat from terrorism, much of it from specific groups of Islamic militants who have assumed a pan global identity and achieved very superior skills in being able to strike at distant targets in extremely hostile territory.

Jan 25,  · Should We Sacrifice Some of Our Civil Liberties in Exchange for National Security? some of our civil liberties in exchange for national security?By Ryan Burns We should not sacrifice our civil in itself is the entire reason the United States of America is such a popular destination for immigrants, both illegal and legal.

Liberty, Equality, Fraternity Essay. Liberty, Equality, Fraternity The absolute monarchy that had been ruling France for a long period of time would finally end with raised voices demanding a new France, a nation free of oppression and inequality in which everyone had his own place to live decently and freely.

Liberty and security essay
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