Informal letter tell the friend the danger of smoking

I may cry, I may yell, I may ignore you. You are performing a wonderful public service. In actuality, smoking is not cool at all. I remember making decisions based on whether or not I could smoke.

Letter: Please stop smoking

How messed up is that? It is a gross and nasty habit. And after just two weekends of hanging out and smoking 4 total cigarettes, I was ready for a pack of my own.

An Open Letter To My Friends Who Still Smoke

But do you know what you appear to be? I am going to quit smoking. In this one important way, I have to be selfish, so that I cannot give the nicotine a reason to put the blame on anyone else. Even my wedding day, I had to run around and hide my smoking habit.

Smoking takes away your stamina and causes you to be more tired and drained of energy. I had only smoked a few cigarettes in my life, but hey, college! My husband and I in happier times decided to try to have children.

So, if you need some support, visit: I can smell it on your clothes; I can smell it in your car and in your dorm. This page indefinetely persuaded me not to. I may question the worth of my existence. Do it for yourself. Letter Basics Write the assignment as a personal letter Alot of the things on your site are true and I really hope that they help somebody.

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Smoking also harms all those who are around you, because several thousand people per year die from second hand smoke. You say that you get high to relax and organize your thought? For me, it was the stoop of our dormitory building, where we spent many a night chain smoking and hanging out.

I know that if you really look at it, you will make the right choice. Marc, Thank you very much for your Teen Smoking web page.I am writing to you because I feel that we should do more to stop smoking. News; Weather Letter: Please stop smoking.

The Telegram I hope that after you read this letter you will put it in. Dec 16,  · need to write a letter to my friend explaining a legislation about ban on smoking.

i don't need the whole letter but just the format and how formal and informal can it be. thanksStatus: Resolved. 25 May, Dear Sujon, I am writing this letter with a view to showing you the bad effect of smoking.

I have come to know that you have got used to smoking. As your well-wisher, I cannot help giving you advice. Write a Letter to Your Friend Describing the Dangers of Smoking 25 May, Dear Sujon. A Letter to Young Adults Considering Smoking — read what most of the current smoker's would like to know when they started.

And I’ll tell you right now it’s not a fun place. When that fist pack empties, do you really think you’lll just be stand up proudly and say, “I. You want to stop smoking pot, because it brings out the worst in you. You don’t like your friends.

You tell me that jump to content. my subreddits. edit subscriptions. popular-all-random-users | A letter I wrote for my boyfriend to help him stop smoking, I hope he finds it here.

( Suddenly you are informed that your younger brother, a student of a collage, is mixing with bad companies and smoking.

Now write a letter to your younger brother advising him about the bad effect of smoking. 15 Mugdapara, Dhaka.

Informal letter tell the friend the danger of smoking
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