Individual rights vs common good

And most people believe in economic freedom, but want clear checks on corporate power and a strong Individual rights vs common good net.

Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels - The Communist Manifesto One of the most revolutionary and important books ever written, the Manifesto explains clearly and concisely what communism is, its goals, and its methods.

Nobody said representative democracy was easy. That is a threat to public safety, as we learned horribly on Friday. Most people generally support the social freedoms won since the s, but also want more emphasis on personal responsibility.

On this one, Individual rights vs common good "camel got its nose in the tent" way back in in the Supreme Court case of "Munn v. Will New Hampshire soon see an influx of social interest and welfare programs such as those in place south of the border?

With the large migration of Massachusetts residents every year, some feel the face of New Hampshire is being irreversibly changed. Illinois" case where it was decided that "that the general welfare requires that business interests be reined in by governmental authority" and that businesses "must submit to be controlled by the public for the common good The Common Good By S.

Establishment of the much abused principle that there were "exigent" situations that create exceptions to the "Bill of Rights".

Ayn Rand - Atlas Shrugged A fictional glorification of individuality. If the citizens still had to annually pay their taxes in one lump sum out of their savings, there would not be a massive federal government; there would not be a military budget nearly as big as all the rest of the world combined; there would not be a terribly wasteful and inhumane "Drug War" that destroys the lives of so many young people every day; and there would not be the pervasive Orwellian, "Big Brother is Watching You", invasion of privacy.

The 10th Amendment is now Non-functional In spite of the promise of the 10th Amendment [6]the Federal government now rides roughshod over all, citizens and states alike.

Income Tax The one action by our government obstensibly for the common good that has been the most disastrous over all, is probably the imposition of the Income Tax in by means of the 16th Amendment to the Constitution.

Nevertheless, while supporters of "democracies" often denigrate such concepts and are quick to blather about the freedom of the individual, as our present rulers do when promoting the war and the PATRIOT Act, most visible actions by the government are nominally for the "common good".

During boom times, wise financial management dictates paying down the debt to prepare for the inevitable troughs to come. When I look at the actions of the Washington state Legislature, I also see that protecting the self-interest of the legislators comes before protecting the rights of the citizens to know what our representatives are doing behind closed doors.

Good government only comes with diligent and vigilant voters who can read between the lines in the news and sniff out the smell of self-interest over either the common good or the individual rights of our citizens.

Destruction of respect for the police and other "authorities" Allowing the military to get involved in policing of citizens — in spite of the provisions of the "Posse Commitatus" act of Yet, when I read the newspaper, I see that the National Rifle Association has its rights desires protected at the expense of the supermajority of the American voters.

History demonstrates that if government can control education, it will create mindless serfs.

Weighing individual rights vs. the common good | COMMENTARY

Could sacrificing the rights and liberties of individuals in the interest of improving the common good in the state decrease poverty levels and give more people health care? Yet to really win the argument for stronger gun control, we need to question the underlying belief that individual freedom is more important than the common good.

Are they as absolute as the constitution makes them out to be or are there situations in which it is appropriate to take away these rights in the service of a greater good?

Yes, in spite of the Constitutional guarantee that the accused has the right to face their accusers, paid, secret, informants are used routinely in drug cases to get convictions. Which is more important in this case: By means of a series of statutes put on the law books, starting with the RICO act and the "Comprehensive Drug Abuse prevention and Control Act" [4]both passed inour governments can seize properties worth millions, including homes and life savings, without making an arrest or filing any charges.

Putting the Common Good Above Individual Rights

For if that were allowed, then we could have situations in which some humans would be sacrificed for the common good. For Hospers and other Libertarians, an individuals property is equivalent to his or her own person and possesses most if not all of the same rights.

The possibility of a massive quarantine gets thrown around every time a flu epidemic exists, but is such an action an infringement of the rights of individuals living in a free nation? In such an instance, what action would the state or federal government take?

As New Hampshire grows it may find itself struggling with the issue of eminent domain.Balancing individual rights and the common good drawing a line demarking the balance between the common good and individual rights in each instance.

In the end, however, the ultimate. Individual Rights and Community Responsibilities Today, citizenship requires that people be knowledgeable about public issues and possess the capacity to work toward solution by acting together.

History records voluntary actions by private citizens working together to right injustices, change directions and pursue benefits for the common good.

Individual Rights Vs. Common Good The first ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution make up what is known as the Bill of Rights. These amendments form part of the essence of what makes United States citizenship the privilege that it is.

In all these matters, there is a balance between individual rights and the common good. This may sound commonplace. The Public Good Versus Individual Freedom.

The New Normal: Finding a Balance Between Individual Rights and the Common Good Transaction Publishers, Amitai Etzioni argues that societies must find a. Good government only comes with diligent and vigilant voters who can read between the lines in the news and sniff out the smell of self-interest over either the common good or .

Individual rights vs common good
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