Home weatherization business plan

Ready to get started on your weatherization project? But there was still much to be done before we could begin to provide weatherization services. We also needed support from our chief financial officer, Michelle Picklesimer, who would be overseeing the financial end of the operation. Our advertising plan was to have our name in the yellow pages under Home Inspections, Windows, Insulation, and Home Improvement.

To be eligible, a provider must demonstrate the capacity to administer the program and have a history of providing service to the community.

Making Nonprofit Work in a For-Profit World

For general information about the program, you may also contact the WAP central office in Albany by phone at or by e-mail at weatherization nyshcr. Weatherization Services If you qualify, a local Weatherization service provider may conduct a free home energy assessment to determine if cost-effective energy efficiency improvements can be completed in your home.

The kit contains enough plastic shrink film and two-way tape to cover four average size windows. This included the cost of whatever new equipment we needed.

In some states, like Idaho, that have spent all of their funds, agencies are looking for ways to keep their new, and seasoned, weatherization staff and contractors employed. We believed that contractors in the community might be hostile to a for-profit company if it received federal funds.

Our company would definitely stand out, as there was currently no other company offering the type of energy service we were going to provide. If the caulked joint will be visible, consider using paintable caulk. Weatherization Weatherization is one of the easiest ways to make your home more energy efficient.

That mission is to retain trained weatherization staff, especially with the loss of ARRA weatherization funding, and to continue providing energy conservation services to homes and businesses.

Weatherization Assistance Program

To address the problem of crew burnout and the question of salary, we explained that with eight staff wanting to work for the for-profit company, we could have crew members working alternate weeks, since it would be very unlikely that we would need to have all eight of them working at the same time.

Our weatherization auditors would perform energy audits for middle- to upper-income homeowners.

Will there be a clear separation between the federal program and the for-profit business? After strategizing with all the key players, and reviewing our strengths and weaknesses, the risks inherent in starting this business, and our nonfederal cash resources, we developed a business model that we could present to the board.

Finally, we would meet with big-name home builders and ask them to consider using us for their next building project. All of this would be outlined in the employee handbook that each for-profit employee would receive.

Affordable housing developers, property managers, and other housing and community development agencies are encouraged to contact their local WAP provider for more information.Weatherization is one of the easiest ways to make your home more energy efficient.

By making sure your home is sealed properly and that you’re not wasting water, you can drive down your energy costs.

Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP)

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Home; Business Partners; Grant Administrators; Weatherization; Administration of Tennessee's Weatherization Assistance Program has been transferred to Tennessee Housing Development Agency. THDA now serves as the Grantee Agency for the current program year and has sub-contracted with a network of local community agencies to provide services.

Answer: Due to the cost of these repairs, the weatherization program cannot replace roofs, siding or plumbing. Your local agency may be able to refer you to other. The purpose of this hearing is to receive comments on the State Weatherization Plan which is for the Illinois Home Weatherization Assistance Program (IHWAP).

This plan is a part of the State’s application for federal weatherization assistance funding to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).

Home weatherization business plan
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