High net worth

Negotiate policy exceptions based on our reputation as well as your experience, income and asset position.

High-net-worth individual

However the problem with most bank managers is that they only handle the products from their part of the bank such as retail or commercial products.

How we can reduce your involvement We find that many professional investors end up spending too much of their time trying to manage their investments. Maximising your borrowing capacity Did you know that each lender assesses your ability to repay your loans in a different way? By working with the branches and commercial divisions of the banks we can take care of all of your High net worth.

If your borrowing power is a concern, then we will normally lend as much as possible using a lender which is relatively conservative before switching to another bank with a more favourable approach for investors. Reduce communication problems between your professional advisors.

In particular, some lenders are very conservative with investors who are making interest only repayments. This means that the entire job is completed, not just part of it.

Some investors even need to refinance their entire portfolio because their loan structure did not match their strategy. Policy exceptions Lending guidelines are just that, guidelines.

In particular this is true for investors with several investment properties. The problem with most mortgage brokers is that they only handle the mortgage.

The main problem most investors face is that their accountant, solicitor and mortgage broker do not talk to each other. Many of our mortgage brokers have worked as a credit manager for one or more of the banks.

This also enables you to grow your portfolio quickly and efficiently. Our goal is to align our mortgage recommendations with your future plans.

In particular, when they are purchasing a property there are many things that need to happen and people who need to communicate to ensure a smooth transaction. We do not provide financial planning services, accounting, legal or other financial advice. With your consent, we can work directly with your advisors and include them in all of our communications to you.

We focus our efforts on being experts in mortgage broking and we prefer to work with your financial advisers to achieve the best result. Do we provide financial advice?

If you are borrowing close to your limit then we will discuss strategies with you to reduce your risks.

High-net-worth individual

High net worth This ensures holistic advice from an accounting, legal and finance point of view. If you would like to find out more about how we can help you to grow your property investment portfolio, simply give us a call on and ask to speak to one of our senior mortgage brokers.

The High net worth ends up managing their advisors which greatly increases their work. The problem with this approach is that many investors find themselves in a situation where they cannot borrow more money, where their properties are cross securitised or where they are effectively handcuffed to their lender.

We can also hold onto your supporting documents and data so that each time you need to apply for a loan you do not need to waste time looking for documents. The key to maximising your borrowing power is understanding how the banks assess the repayments for your existing mortgages.

Their inside knowledge and strong relationship with high level credit managers can enable us to help the lenders to use a common sense approach to your application.

Completely understand your investment strategy. Help you to build a relationship with the banks that will support your plans. Understanding your investment strategy Most bank managers and mortgage brokers do not understand complex investment strategies or only focus on the current transaction that they are working on.

Working with bank branches We have agreements with several bank branches which can help us to sort out other banking services for your business, personal or insurance needs. Please note that we believe in responsible lending and will not assist you to borrow more than we believe that you can afford.

Work with local bank branches to provide a holistic service. We want to see you in a position where you are not tied to just one lender, which puts you in a position of power to negotiate better interest rates and lending policy exceptions.

All of our mortgage brokers have had formal training in various property investment strategies and many of them have built large property portfolios themselves.“High Net Worth Friends” (HNWF) is a professional networking, financial mastermind, social and leisure organization.

We are derived from a host of constituents which have collaborated to create one of the nations most elite and biggest financial educational organizations in the U.S. mint-body.com's High Net Worth newsletter focuses on the week's news with their unique industry analysis.

Sign up to receive the insights, trends, and analysis needed stay in the loop on. High Net Worth Clients Are you a professional investor with a high net worth and several investment properties?

As your wealth grows, don’t you become fed up with dealing with bank managers and mortgage brokers who do not appreciate your business or understand your strategy.

High-net-worth insurance policies provide specialized coverage for affluent families and individuals with homes valued at $1 million or above, or with a.

The definition of a High Net Worth Individual seems simple, but as with anything to do with money, dig a little deeper and it gets more complicated. HIGH NET WORTH. We specialize in providing comprehensive, personalized, and proactive advisory services to high net worth individuals, multi-generations families, family offices, and foundations, including complex entity and deal structuring, strategic tax planning, guidance on transfer of wealth and family philanthropy, and risk management.

High net worth
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