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When that happens, students often leave the tutor session more confused than when they went in, or worse, leave a session thinking they got a question right only to see in class that they did not!!

If an email is sent correcting instructions in a prelab or experimental procedure etc. It also means NO hand copied onto notebook or other non-carbon paper and NOT photographs of notebook pages! You will be sent home to change if you are not appropriately dressed for lab the time lost is NOT able to be made up!

If you have a chronic health condition that may affect laboratory attendance, paperwork from your doctor is required. Since your instructor wrote the Daily Problem questions, they are the best person to talk to about them.

If you refuse to put your safety glasses on, then you will be asked to leave the laboratory with a score of zero for that particular lab. This means NO open toed Gcii lab 1, sandals, crocs most stylesshorts or short skirts.

More information on academic integrity can be found at: Many labs have links to them that explain key concepts or show how to use lab equipment. The formal written lab report will be due the week after the experiment is performed in the laboratory. Office hours may have to be changed temporarily for committee meetings or other administrative issues.

Your instructor will try to remind you of those particular labs. As a courtesy for others and the instructor, please turn off cellular telephones before class! Academic integrity is one of the principles to which all students must abide.

Sales of notebooks and goggles required for lab will be announced in class and via e-mail.

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Some of the laboratories require work on a computer. Do not simply stop your attendance. Each time the instructor must remind a student to keep their goggles on, 5 points will be deducted from the lab courtesy total.

If you must miss a lab due to a college approved excuse, please make arrangements in advance at least 72 hour notice. Safety and awareness of what is happening in lab and what to do if the fire alarm sounds is important.

If you know that you will miss lab for a University approved excuse in advance ex. If you find yourself lost, confused or having difficulties at any time, schedule an appointment to see me, or come to office hours or drop in as soon as is convenient.

The make-up exam could be more difficult than the missed exam the student may have had more time to study.

Do NOT be late to class or lab. Students must wear goggles in the laboratory at all times. If the prelab assignment is not turned in by the time your instructor starts the prelab talk, you cannot attend the lab! First, and foremost, if you are unsure about something, ask!

After each lab a postlab assignment worth 20 points will be due the due date is listed at the top of the postlab. Keeping your instructor upraised to what is going on is beneficial for both parties!

Pre-lab questions must be completed before entering the lab and will be collected at the beginning of the class see class policies 6. You could be saving yourself time or preventing an accident.

If you are inexcusably late enough to completely miss all points for that day, absolutely no make-up credit will be awarded. This could result in an F for the course.

You must also contact your instructor within 24 hours.

To that end please go to: If any of these arrangements are not conducive to your schedule, special arrangements must be made AT LEAST one week in advance of the exam or only the class time given may be used to take the exam.

Each lab has a prelab assignment that must be completed before lab that is worth 10 points. Do not wait until the last week of class or until it is too late! It is our experience that students with grades less than a C are not sufficiently prepared to handle the next tier of chemistry.

Please note that a Daily Problem will only earn a perfect score of four 4 points if: You cannot take this course unless you have credit for successfully completing Chem Make-up Daily Problems must be requested in person or in extreme cases, via proxy no later than thirteen hours before the day they are due and cannot be turned in later than 2 days after they are given!

Working on the prelab at least two or three days before it is due will give you the best chances of maximizing your points, understanding the lab, performing the lab safely, and understanding the postlab better.

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Experiment VI: Acid-Base Equilibria Background: Three different definitions can be used to differentiate between acids and. If you miss lab due to an illness or other emergency, alert your instructor (e-mail or call) as soon as is reasonably possible and please bring proper documentation (see lab policies #1) once you are well enough to come back to class (and if needed, we will work out a make-up schedule).

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Gcii lab 1
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