Film techniques of my big fat

Gittes Jack Nicholson uses binoculars to trace the activities of Hollis Mulwray Darrell Zwerling ; also used for the effect of looking through a keyhole master shot a continuous shot or long take that shows the main action or setting of an entire scene most scenes are shot with one or two master angles and then broken up into a series of smaller or tighter angles during editing such as one-shots, two-shots, close-ups, and reaction shots ; a master refers to a positive print made especially for duplication purposes match cut to a transitional technique that refers to a cut between two unrelated shots outgoing and incoming that are deliberately joined, matched, or linked by physical, visual, aural, or metaphorical parallelism or similarities, to establish continuity; there can be audio matches, segues a segue refers to a smooth, uninterrupted transitionand visual match-cuts of various kinds; aka graphic match; see also audio bridge and bridging shot Examples: However when the camera goes back to Ian, Film techniques of my big fat high camera angle is used to show his isolation, and alienation; which creates strong aesthetic juxtaposition against the power of Gus, representing the stark differences between their traditions and customs.

Rushmore -- then a match cut to Grant pulling her up to a bunk in a train matte shot the optical process of combining or compositing separately-photographed shots usually actors in the foreground and the setting in the background onto one print through a double exposure that does not meld two images on top of each other, but masks off or makes opaque and blank part of the frame area for one exposure and the opposite area for another exposure; the second image is printed in the masked-off area; it is a photographic technique whereby a matte painting or artwork from a matte artist - usually painted on glass - is combined with live action footage to provide a convincing setting for the action; also sometimes known as split-screen.

An awkward pause is also used when Ian asks her what her family is like which shows the audience that she is wondering what to say and if he will not go out with her again if she tells him the truth. After Toula fell, Ian and Toula get to talking and we get to see a close-up which shows the audience how when they are together they are much happier.

The disadvantages of not belonging and the feelings of isolation and alienation is shown through the recurring use of high camera angles. Even the invitations for the wedding had a Greek flag on it.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding – Hidden vs. Visible Culture

Their family is mono-culture. It is all about techniques. In this case, subtitles are also used. It conveys the message of this film in an interesting way.

This offcourse is one disadvantage of belonging to a minority culture within a larger dominant society - Film techniques of my big fat exposed to the stereotypes associated with racism. While belonging to the demanding Greek culture, she lost her personal ID but once the chains of belonging to the Greek culture are loosened slightly; she is able to show of her own, true self.

Have a look at the thread which has a list of words "represents", "illuminates", "reinforces". When the audience gets to see both Toula and Ian dressed up, Toula looks completely different here than from the start of the movie, which shows the view how much Toula has changed since she had met Ian.

In the film Toula is oppressed; she is limited in what she can do because she belongs to the Greek tradition. Marlon Brando was known as one of the main practitioners of method acting, seen here in the famous taxicab scene in On the Waterfront ; other proponents of method acting included James Dean and Montgomery Clift.

And when the mother asked whether Armenia was close to Greece, Toula in both instances looked shocked, unbelieving and taken aback. Low camera angles are now being used to show her positive attitude.

A multiplex has from 2 up to 16 screens, a megaplex has 16 or more screens; plex is the abbreviation for a multiplex theatre. You do have techniques, but just when I am getting interested in your explanation you stop which leaves me wondering: During the scene with her in Greek school, there was Greek music playing in the background which emphasises how distinctly Greek she is.

However I feel as though your techniques analysis is too brief. Also used to combine a cartoon character with a human actor e. As a Greek family living in United States, The Insert their surname here are highly susceptible to stereotypes and prejudices from the general American population.

Judgment DayStargateand Interview with the Vampire A clear example of this is at the beginning of the film when Toula sits down to eat her traditional Greek food and is mocked by the blonde American girls.

Their love for one another is very strong, so the parents of both characters are forced to accept this and must forget their differences. Another concept of belonging explored in the text is that when you belong to one group it is hard to belong to another as well.

Thumbs up and hand-shake.Truby's Breakdown -- 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding' Breakdown: an analysis of story techniques and structure as viewed through the eyes of the Seven Steps and 22 Building Blocks contained in Truby's Blockbuster story development software.

Film Techniques of ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ * At the beginning of the film, she is very upset because she was different and of different culture to the kids in her school, but then the movie gradually shows that it is actually a positive because that. Jan 26,  · Director Joel Zwick has shown the advantages and disadvantages of belonging one can experience in his film My Big Fat Greek concept of alienation or not belonging is explored through cultural differences and how one is oppressed because of belonging.

Film Techniques of ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ Essay Sample * At the beginning of the film, she is very upset because she was different and of different culture to the kids in her school, but then the movie gradually shows that it is actually a positive because that is what Ian liked about her.

Movie Synopsis. Toula is a mousy, Greek-American woman who still lives with her family. She works as a Hostess for the family restaurant.

How does the movie

Toula is a “late bloomer” who goes through a physical and educational transformation at age My Big Fat Independent Movie is a independent film produced, written and directed by former film critic Chris Gore spoofing well-known independent films, such as My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Memento, Swingers, Pulp Fiction, Magnolia, Amélie, Reservoir Dogs, Pi, The Good Girl, Run Lola Run, Clerks and El Mariachi.

Film techniques of my big fat
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