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Look no further than ProfEssays. Main features or purines are given below: The sugars are joined together by phosphate groups that form phosphodiester bonds between the third and fifth carbon atom of adjacent sugar ring. A molecule of DNA holds coded plans for thousands of proteins and the length of the strand is called gene.

Nucleotides are also known as nitrogenous bases or DNA bases. In some cases microRNA gene is transcribed together with its host genes; this provides a means for coupled regulation of miRNA and protein-coding gene.

The minor groove is wide and shallow which is accessible to proteins, but information content is lower than major groove.

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This has three OH groups on 1, 3 and 5 carbon positions. Each nucleotide in DNA has three components: One of the reasons that this test became less useful is because it requires an excessive amount of DNA.

The helix is narrower and more elongated than A or B form. How would you overcome these challenges? The number of base is 10 per turn of helix. We understand students have plenty on their plates, which is why we love to help them out. The genome is organized in 22 paired chromosomes and one pair contain X chromosome male contain one X chromosomes while female contains two X chromosomes and Y chromosomes only male contains the one Y chromosome.

What are some of the limitations of this technique? The major groove is deep and narrow which is not easily accessible to proteins.

The base pairs are tilted to helix axis. I would potentially try to collect more than one sample of the evidence if possible to lower the risk of not have a piece to the puzzle sort of speak is the evidence was contaminated in a way.

Thus there is deoxyribose on both sides of phosphate. It carries cells genetic information and heredity characteristics via its nucleotides and their sequence and is capable of self replication and genetic material mixture.

The helix has left-handed coiling pattern. The purine and pyrimidine bases always pair in a definite fashion. Depending upon the nucleotide base per turn of the helix, pitch of the helix, tilt of the base pair and humidity of the sample, the DNA can be observed in four different forms namely, A, B, C and D.

It involves the searching, data mining of biological data, manipulation of data and DNA sequence data. The sugar puckering is C: A DNA sequence is called sense if its sequence is the same as that of a messenger RNA copy is translated into protein and if the sequence on the opposite strand is called the antisense sequence.

RNA is assembled as a chain of nucleotides and it is usually single stranded.

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The minor groove is narrow. A combination of deoxyribose sugar and nitrogenous base is known as nucleoside and a combination of nucleoside and phosphate is called nucleotide. The areas of DNA use are varied and yet expanding.

The DNA backbone is a polymer with an alternating sugar-phosphate sequence. In the base pairing A adenine interacts with T thymine while G guanine interacts with C cytosine in the base pairing.

I think DNA is such an important factor of forensic science because it could lead you to the suspect in charge of the crime.

This is the most common form of DNA. The base pairing is nearly perpendicular to helix axis. Why are they important?

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Hydrogen atoms are attached to carbon atoms one to four. What are complimentary base patterns? In this technology genetically modified organism used to produce product which have importance in medical research or in agriculture.Human genome encodes the genetic information in DNA.

Human contains the DNA in 23 chromosomes pair in the cell nuclei and also contains small DNA within mitochondria. DNA is the genetic material found in most viruses and in all cellular organisms. Some viruses do not have DNA, but contain RNA instead.

Depending on the organism, most DNA is found within a single chromosome like bacteria, or in several chromosomes like most other living things.2/5(10).

Free DNA papers, essays, and research papers. Bacteria strains and DNA extraction - Materials and method Bacteria strains and DNA extraction A collection of standard bacterial strains containing E.

amylovora strains and several species of bacteria confirmed by Biochemical, Carbohydrates and Virulence tests for identification of E.

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amylovora isolates (data not shown) were exploited to estimate. DNA molecule is a hereditary material which is transmitted from generation to generation.

It is the largest molecule in the living cell comprising of several millions of nucleotide chain.

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It is in the sequence of nucleotides in the polymers where genetic information carried by chromosomes is located. What is DNA? Essay Sample. What is DNA? Where is it found?

DNA is the basic building blocks of the genetic makeup, and is found in a variety of places in the body such as: blood cells, skin cells, tissues, muscles, bone, teeth, hair, and saliva. Composing DNA Essay should be ideally done in two stages. First and foremost is the pre writing stage, where one needs to think and collect ideas for the essay.

It becomes a lot easier when one proceeds with a pre drafted outline, especially in case of long assignments. This stage involves careful thinking and deliberation on the topic one is.

Dna what is it essay
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