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Competitive strategy aims to establish a The gap between the two generates a natural tension Paradoxes will always remain surrounded by uncertainty and disagreements on how to cope.

They see the entire architecture of the problem: On the contrary, in this text the authors carefully guide the students through the many, often conflicting, perspectives in the field of strategy, in order to help them become true strategic thinkers.

Moving from traditional planning to scenario-based strategic planning requires a transformation of corporate culture. Consequently, the best preparation for strategic reasoning might actually be to be trained in the artistic tradition De wit meyer iconoclastic [JLJ - one who attacks and seeks to overthrow traditional or popular ideas or institutions] creativity and mental flexibility.

Strategy: Process, Content, Context--An International Perspective

Often, the best way to find out what works is to give it a try - to act before you know. They have the predisposition and the capacity to hold in their heads two opposing ideas at once. Systems thinking also shows that small, well-focused actions can produce significant, enduring improvements, if they are in the right place.

People are generally not inclined to change their minds No matter how difficult or unprecedented the problem, a breakthrough to the best possible solution can come only from a combination of rational analysis, based on the real nature of things, and imaginative reintegration of all the different items into a new pattern, using nonlinear brainpower.

Should managers view strategic reasoning primarily as a rational and deductive activity or as a more imaginative and generative process? Can it be cultivated consciously? Organizations tend to measure outcomes instead of processes.

Enter supporting content here. Under these conditions, a reliance on gradual change was a one-way ticket to extinction.

Without vision there is no creative tension Unless we change these rules, we are merely rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic.

Thanks to the tension that we can create by opposing the thumb and fingers, we can do marvelous things This makes strategy a fascinating, yet frustrating topic. Instead of slow change, discontinuities required a different version of Darwinian theory - that of punctuated equilibria in which long periods of gradual change were interrupted periodically by massive discontinuities.De Wit, B.

and Meyer, R. () Strategy Process, Content, Context. 3rd Edition, Thomson Learning, London. Online shopping from a great selection at Books Store.

Bob De Wit and Ron Meyer's innovative and extremely successful strategy text encourages critical and creative strategic thinking. By introducing articles from key strategists to present differing perspectives on each strategic issue covered, the authors stress and contrast the diversity of views in /5.

De Wit and Meyer (, p 53) suggest that managers must go through a ‘strategic reasoning process’ in order to find ways to resolve the challenges of strategic problems. This strategic reasoning is “a string of strategic thinking activities directed at defining and resolving strategic problems”.

De Wit and Meyer's Strategy actively challenges the educational orthodoxy to encourage students to be critical, and to challenge them to be analytical, in order to facilitate creativity and unconventional thinking.

The highly anticipated newThe highly anticipated new edition of the market-leading introduction to strategic management from Bob de Wit (Maastricht School of Management) and Ron Meyer (TiasNimbas Business School). Widely acclaimed for its ability to foster creative, non-prescriptive and global strategic thinking amongst 5/5(3).

De wit meyer
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