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Cal is appalled that Jacob is dating his daughter, and forbids her from seeing him. On the advice of her classmate Madison, she takes nude photos with raunchy expressions of herself to send to Cal and tucks them away in an envelope inside her dresser drawer.

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Bernie rushes to the Weaver residence to confront him about the photos, with Jessica in pursuit. At the same time, Robbie makes numerous grand gestures to try to win the heart of his year-old babysitter, Jessica Riley, who actually has a crush on Cal.

After moving into his own apartment, son Robbie and daughter Molly staying at the house with Emily, Cal goes to a bar night after night, talking loudly about his divorce, until he attracts the attention of a young man named Jacob Palmer, a womanizer who beds different women each night, although a young woman named Hannah has recently rejected his advances.

Jessica arrives and tells her father that Cal knew nothing of the pictures. Cal then confesses to having sex with nine women since their separation.

Jacob resigns without harboring any ill feelings; rather, he expresses his respect for Cal and praises him for being a great father.

Jacob asks David if his name is Lindhagen and when David replies "yes," Jacob punches him in the face for the pain he caused Cal.

Jessica gives Robbie an envelope containing the nude photos of herself that were originally intended for Cal to "get him through high school. Cal, Jacob, David, and Bernie then get into a scuffle which is soon broken up by the police.

Realizing that she called just because she too was missing him, Cal decides to try and win her back. After the ceremony, Cal gives Jacob and Hannah his blessing.

Cal starts spending time at the bar again and receives a visit from Jacob, who confesses that he is in love with Hannah. Jacob takes pity on Cal and offers to teach him how to pick up women.

Jacob starts a relationship with Hannah, and he becomes distant from Cal.

Meanwhile, Hannah, a recent law school graduate, is expecting her boyfriend Richard to propose marriage while they celebrate her passing the bar exam, but he does not, instead, offering her a position at his law firm.

After the encounter, Cal manages to successfully seduce other women at the bar. At that moment, Bernie shows up and attacks Cal. Plot[ edit ] Cal Weaver is a middle-aged man who is told by his wife Emily that she has cheated on him with a co-worker, David Lindhagen, and wants a divorce.

Emily leaves in disgust and begins actively dating David. Cal stops him and instead begins to recount his courtship with Emily to the audience, saying that, while he does not know if things will work out, he will never give up on Emily.

Cal and his kids create a makeshift mini golf set in their backyard to remind Emily of their first date.Crazy, Stupid, Love is a romantic comedy with a big heart--a refreshing change from its Hangover-laden compatriots, and almost a throwback to a golden era of romance.

For Crazy, Stupid, Love relies on the sharp writing by Dan Fogelman (animated hits like Bolt, Tangled) and the sparkly chemistry of its cast, led by Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling /5(K). "Crazy Stupid Love" is a song recorded by British singer Cheryl Cole for her fourth studio album, Only Human ().

It features a guest rap from Tinie Tempah. The song was co-written by Cole, Tempah, Wayne Wilkins, Heidi Rojas, and singer-songwriter Katelyn Tarver and. Watch Crazy, Stupid, Love. () Online Free Full Movie Putlocker.

Crazy Stupid Love (song)

Cal (Steve Carell) and Emily (Julianne Moore) have the perfect life together living the American dream until Emily asks for a divorce. Now Cal, Mr Husba. Cal (Steve Carell) and Emily (Julianne Moore) have the perfect life together living the American dream until Emily asks for a divorce.

Now Cal, Mr Husband. I just love this series and these characters. Crazy, Stupid Love is the story of Adley and Lincoln (Rhett's best friend aka big brother to Adley)/5. Crazy, Stupid, Love. () Full Movie Online on FMovies. Watch Crazy, Stupid, Love.

Crazy Stupid Love

() Online, Download Crazy, Stupid, Love. () Free HD, Crazy, Stupid.

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