Cefms corporate business reports

Assures information resource needs are considered during operating budget preparation. Work is reviewed for compatibility with organizational goals, primarily through results obtained, propriety of actions and adequacy of recommendations.

Has the authority to make or recommend hiring, firing, or other status-change decisions, when such recommendations have particular weight. Using this tool, I collaborated with project managers PMs and Contract Officer Representatives CORs to be sure invoices were approved for payment in a timely manner in order to avoid or limit interest payments.

Works with Project Managers and functional organizations to enhance project execution to ensure efficiency and effectiveness of the program, i. If your total RITA was over-calculated by the standard percentage, an overpayment would have been made to the Federal Reserve Bank on your behalf, and we will issue a bill to you for the overpayment.

When a problem is identified, the UFC provides an automated solution for better management of information. Analyzes and evaluates effectiveness of database program operations in meeting established goals and objectives.

Under the third tenet of our vision — one organization, one identity, the UFC was officially established by permanent orders, signed by the chief of Engineers, on 6 September to reduce the cost and improve the overall quality of USACE financial management. Contact with external auditors and other organizations is to provide information and seek clarification to ensure proper execution of the civil works program.

Uses judgment and experience to determine intent, to resolve conflicts or to interpret procedures and policies for subordinate commands. The Community provides periodic training, discussion forums, and information management for tasks and issues faced by supervisors.

Analyzed Construction in Progress CIP costs to ensure proper accounting and submitted to the accounting office for review. In this case, we issue a payment for the underpaid amount directly to you. Make a copy of your claim for your records. You do not need to enter any amounts — we calculate the amount and send you a copy of the computation to the address you give us on this DD Form Of the 19 regional employees I helped, 5 are now certified and many others are very close to complete.

Analyze and monitor both individual projects and the overall program with regard to statutory constraints and adequacy of funding using working knowledge, skills and abilities of program analysis. The supervisor and employee together decide upon completion dates for accomplishment of special projects and assignments.

I prepared the mid-year budget update for the Environmental branch. Coordinates with managers, financial management Budget Analyst and other staff and district elements on the administrative control of program funds.

Performed the full spectrum of supervisory duties to include: Lead discussions with the leaders in contracting and representatives from the other division to clarify points of confusion regarding the pricing model.


Created and approved various Purchase Requests for labor, training, travel, and contracts, ensuring conformance to bona fide need rules.

Responsible for budget preparation of the PM Divisions Information Management IM Plan hardware, software and communications via coordination with functional chiefs. The RMM team can route, track, modify all agreements, export the routing log sheet into excel, print it, and package routing log and agreements for approval by the Commander.

Monitors, analyzes and evaluates data and the reporting process for consistency and compliance with prescribed policies and directives and advises management on the effectiveness, integrity and efficiency of the databases and reporting systems.

The work involves programming and budgeting, reporting, and performing studies and analyses for and making recommendations concerning the acquisition, obligation, and expenditure of funds for civil works projects.

Worked with internal and external customers to resolve any conflicts or issues. Review funding streams for all projects, detect discrepancies and resolve them. Advised timekeepers of changes in regulations, directives, or existing business practices.

I collaborated with users from several offices within the district to achieve buy-in on the pricing from the customers of the contracting office. Determined and analyzed needed funding to support objectives concerning timing and funding availability to support program efforts.

I financially approved committed travel orders, deobligated excess funding on regular and Permanent Change of Station PCS travel orders after settlement and monitored revolving fund overhead budget execution rates to ensure timely execution against budget and initiated get-well actions to resolve spending ahead of or behind plan.The Corporate Business Reports (CBR) application continues to be a major accomplishment for Baltimore District, with over 1, Corps employees running over 21, reports per week.

However, it is facing the requirement to transition to the Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) system. How is Corps of Engineers Financial Management System abbreviated? CEFMS stands for Corps of Engineers Financial Management System. CEFMS is defined as Corps of Engineers Financial Management System frequently.

Familiar with Corporate Business Reports (CBR) and Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW). Supervisory Management Analyst, 03/ to 08/ U.S. Army Engineering & Support Center, Huntsville, Resource Mgmt.

Directorate. USACE Financial Management System CEFMS Database and Administration December 08, • Oracle Developer 6i/10g Forms and Reports application development environment companies acquire, grow and retain customers by using predictive analytics and big data techniques.


This is used by business development, sales and. We are always aware of and concerned about the costs of our operation coupled with our desire to maintain a highly motivated staff, achieve the Commander’s vision, and continually improve our business processes and financial systems.

Maintains, uses and remains conversant with several HQ Military and ER program databases, (e.g. CEFMS, Corporate Business Reports (CBR), FUDSMIS, P2) and electronic mail service via communication with either mainframe or personal computers.

Cefms corporate business reports
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