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Specifically, this study aims: This way customers will not have to waste time and reduce travelling costs. Vehicle rental agencies primarily serve people who have a car that is temporarily out of reach or out of service, for example travellers who are out of town or owners of damaged or destroyed vehicles who are awaiting repair or insurance compensation.

Mobile telecommunication webs provide the possibility to prosecute in real-time radio communications irrespective of the location and the motions of the communication parties. The system poses a number of challenges that include: This will help the customers make proper decisions when choosing the vehicles.

This survey can assist the hereafter research workers for as mention in the close hereafter survey and they can besides better more information. When there are many clients to be attended to it may take long for the company staff to serve all of them. This issue has affected the car rental businesses negatively.

He will do so at the comfort of his home or office. The promotion of web engineerings has opened a whole new set of possibilities for service suppliers to offer and for users to take advantage of a assortment of information services.

To have anti thief Rental car system that track the car. This study can help the future researchers for as reference in the near future study and they can also improve more information. When he choose to reserve by phone, any of the customer service representatives can help him reserve the vehicle speedily and issue him a reservation number.

The system will ensure that the information needed is available for the customers who require the information at all times. How to track stolen autos. The dramatic enlargement of the Internet has been discernible throughout the universe for more than a decennary by now.

The automated system will show the details of the present mileage of the vehicle and when the vehicle was last serviced. More and more systems are put on-line, as the mesh of IP-based data communication networks gets tighter every day. New characteristics like the short message service SMS or the multimedia messaging service MMS provided by modern nomadic telecommunications system criterions like the planetary system for nomadic communications GSM.

Online Vehicle Rental System Essay Sample

Time consuming In the current system, clients have to come to the company offices physically in order to rent or reserve a vehicle which is a waste of time. Cost The operating cost of the current System is high but with the implementation of the Automated System only Car rental system essay few no of staff will be able to run the System.

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. To provide more car security system for business like car rentals. Some felons pretend to be a leaseholder so that he can lease a auto so travel to put that hard to make or far topographic points and so sell this auto to acquire net income illicitly by utilizing false personal information.

And in add-on the payment will non accept online because the proprietor transacts merely bank to bank dealing. Besides that, Online Vehicle Rental system increases the effectiveness and efficiency of the vehicle rental service organization in order to run their business operations and management.

These include from simple security devices. The car rental contract is designed in a specific form for the car leasing at which consists of the agreement between the lessee renter with the leaser owner of the auto mobile.

The system is only updated by the Company staff so it is secure and hence no possibility of double reservation. Online vehicle rental system helps users to select the suitable car to rent based on the important requirements.

Some criminals pretend to be a lessee so that he can rent a car then go to place that difficult to reach or far places and then sell this car to get profit illegally by using false personal information. The auto rental contract is designed in a specific signifier for the auto leasing at which consists of the understanding between the leaseholder tenant with the leaser proprietor of the car Mobile.

The advancement of network technologies has opened a whole new set of possibilities for service providers to offer and for users to take advantage of a variety of information services.

This issue has affected the auto rental concerns negatively. Whereby at the specific clip agreed he lessee entitles the right of the use of the auto.

Significance of the Study The proposed system for Car Rental System with GPS Tracking Performance This research is significant due to the fact that in these challenging business environments, many car rental firms have been unable to properly implement corrective methods in order to improve their services and provide superior quality and security to their customer and security to the owner of the car.

It will also keep track of all vehicle reservation and return. Specifically, the study aims to answer the following problems: Even when a customer chooses to walk-in, computers are available for him to go online and perform his reservation.

The dramatic expansion of the Internet has been observable throughout the world for more than a decade by now.

To supply more auto security system for concern like auto leases. And in addition the payment will not accept online because the owner transacts only bank to bank transaction.Car Rental Ghana TOPIC: ONLINE CAR RENTAL SYSTEM * CHAPTER -1 INTRODUCTION TO ONLINE CAR RENTAL SYSTEM Introduction This project is an online car rental system.

It is a web based system specially designed for.

Multiple weather events may affect your travel plans. Need help? We're here 24/7 at. A car rental or car hire agency is a company that rents automobiles for short period of time for a fee whether in a few hours or a few days or week. It is an elaborate. Car Rental Ghana TOPIC: ONLINE CAR RENTAL SYSTEM * CHAPTER -1 INTRODUCTION TO ONLINE CAR RENTAL SYSTEM Introduction This project is an online car rental system.

It is a web based system specially designed for car. Discount car rental rates and rental car deals Roadside Assistance · + Locations Worldwide · Pay Now & Save Up To 35%.

Enterprise Rent-a-Car is a service company that offer rental vehicles to customers who (1) need a car because of an accident, mechanical repair or theft, (2) want to make short business/leisure trio or who need a car for a special occasion, and (3) need a car in town for a business purpose.

Car rental system essay
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