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Business Planning Workshops

We help your organisation to waste less time on the dull paperchase that constitutes most business planning rounds. If you do not need everyone business planning facilitation be involved in planning implementation, you may want to give this task to specific people who can then report on their the activity plans they have drafted at a later stage.

The team should recognize the distinction between poor execution against a reasonable target and a target that has been set inappropriately high. If the strategies are implemented is it highly likely that the objectives will be achieved?

If you can only address some of them, it is unrealistic to commit yourselves to the purpose of reversing the key problem or issue.

Facilitating an Effective Strategic Planning Process

Many disagreements can be resolved, and even prevented, by making sure all parties have the same information. Ask everyone to look at the remaining problems and issues and decide which are causes of the key issue or problem you have identified and which are effects of it.

Management Briefing Have the critical issues that the plan should address been identified? The management briefing increases commitment to planning by providing your team with a road map that shows how what is important to them will be covered during the strategic planning sessions.

Critical Success Factors Have the most critical conditions that must be created and the major barriers impacting success been identified?

Ensure All Voices Are Heard The fundamental secret of facilitation indicates that you can increase buy-in and commitment by having those impacted by the plan involved in the creation of it.

If not, can we improve our capacity to achieve them by, for example, building alliances and improving our organisational capacity? We ask the tough questions in ways that lead to new insights. The Drivers Model is designed to help you do this. The chief executive officer still is the leader of the planning process.

For instance, if we know that the group wants to work on improving the customer experience, three or four carefully selected articles or chapters will be provided.

The example above shows how you might analyse the problem of pensioners not getting their pension payments. The following are some issues this meeting could cover: Strategies Are the strategies phrased as activities to be accomplished and NOT results to be achieved?

Write up the agreed goal and purpose clearly in large letters. Ask participants to look at the problem analysis and change the wording of the key problem or issue from negative to positive. However, it still needs steering towards the intended destination.

So how do you gain their commitment to planning and their buy-in to a planning process such as The Drivers Model?

The guide on Planning provides advice on a useful approach to planning systematically and guidelines on how to complete each of these steps.Find a Licensed Facilitator Near You! Finally get your business plan done and have fun doing it with these Right-Brain Business Plan® licensed facilitators from around the world.

They are ready and eager to help you grow your creative business. Attend one of their Right-Brain Business Plan® workshops in your area or work with them [ ]. Ross Dawson is a highly experienced strategic planning facilitator and business consultant. He works with top executives and project teams as a strategy leader and has deep expertise in facilitating strategic thinking among executive teams.

Strategy advisor: Strategic planning facilitator

Effective facilitation starts from establishing clear. Facilitation > Business Planning Facilitation We offer a range of business planning services from the facilitation of strategic and business planning sessions at board and management levels to the full design and roll out of business planning implementation processes appropriate for your organisation.

Business Planning Workshops run by one of our excellent facilitators can help you handle complexity and uncertainty.

Facilitating a Planning Workshop

We help your organisation to waste less time on the dull paperchase that constitutes most business planning rounds. Leadership Strategies is a global leader in facilitation services, providing companies with dynamic professional facilitators who lead executive teams and task forces in areas like strategic planning, issue resolution, process improvement and others.

Important things to know about facilitating planning Make sure you are clear about the approach you will use and the steps you will follow It is important for the person or group who will facilitate a planning process to agree on a common approach and the basic steps you will follow.

Business planning facilitation
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