Business plan for cooperative society in nigeria

The third largest bank, Raiffeisenis a cooperative as well. The impact of political ideology on practice constrains the development of cooperatives in different countries.

So the office registering cooperative societies in Nigeria defers according to state of registeration. Therefore if there is an organization which does not exhibit these qualities, the organization cannot be registered as a co-operative society.

Letter of intent to join the society from prospective members. Conclusion I advise you to join or set up a cooperative society run by like minds with same purpose and goals.

When the building is finished, each member is the sole owner of a homestead, and the cooperative may be dissolved. For a state like Enugu, the Ministry saddled with the responsibility of registering a cooperative is the Ministry of Human Capital Development and Poverty Alleviation located at Secretariat building.

How to Register a Cooperative Society in Nigeria

G Haig was appointed as a registrar of co-operatives in Nigeria to be able to undertake these responsibilities, he was sent abroad to understudy the Indian co-operative movement and law. After verification, if the Director of Cooperatives is satisfied, a letter of recognition is issued.

Other forms of cooperative may fall under those categories. To be qualified for membership of a society, an individual must have attained the minimum age of 16 years NCSD No. The co-operative societies ordinance No.

Development of Co-Operatives in Nigeria

After this experiment, the whole western Nigeria embraced co-operative especially marketing types. Board members should be eighteen 21 years and above.

That is the form of the Indian Coffee Houses. Four copies of proposed by-laws of the society. Tillage, planting and harvesting of crops were also undertaken communally. Membership is open, meaning that anyone who satisfies certain non-discriminatory conditions may join.

The colonial masters appointed MR. Conditions for registration are generally the same for both primary and secondary societies, except in a few instances.

Registration of Cooperative Societies is carried out by different offices under different Ministries depending on the state of registration. The Registrar must know where the society is located.

Economic stability Capital and the Debt Trap reports that "cooperatives tend to have a longer life than other types of enterprise, and thus a higher level of entrepreneurial sustainability".Guarantee Multipurpose Cooperative Society Ltd is registered to carry on the business of general management and consultancy services, training, and human capacity development.


5 NNPC-Coop Abuja Herbert Maculay street, CBD, Abuja FCT Nigeria. A cooperative society in Nigeria operates based on mutual aid and conforms to cooperative principles. To register a cooperative society in Nigeria some vital information should first be on ground. These incudes.

Understanding Co-operatives in Nigeria April, Contents 1. Objectives 2. Research Methodology that work at a federal level on government business, or are national member-based Credit and thrift Possibly the most common form of co-operative society in the 3 states, these.

How to Register a Cooperative Society in Nigeria by Francis Nwokike · Cooperative Society is a jointly owned commercial enterprise duly registered and managed by individuals of the same purpose and for the benefit of members.

My Catfish Business Plan. Uploaded by Almuntasir Ibrahim The catfish business is very lucrative and underexploited business in Nigeria, investment in this kind of business is the right move at the right time, because it is profitable and fast growing business.

Our cooperative society was established with the aim of promoting the growth of /5(37). The Nigeria Farmers’ Group & Cooperative Society (NFG-CS) is offering people the opportunity for economic diversification but taking advantage of opportunities that exist with the Group.

These Opportunities are Outlined below: 1.

Business plan for cooperative society in nigeria
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