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For example it may be confined to one expression Theravadan, Mahayana and Vajrayana or one region. This may not have been across the whole tradition but is significant enough to have brought a response from a large sector of believers.

In small groups students synthesis material to complete a ppt summary: Make contact and make friends with a Buddhist, and seek to understand the form of Buddhism to which he adheres. Another problem with Buddhism is the many forms it takes.

Create a table with the headings listed below and complete using your textbook. Was it universal in application? Use the links above on Asoka to assist your investigation Question: One day Siddhartha informed his father that he wished to see the world.

There are radical differences between Buddhism and Christianity that make any attempt at reconciliation between the two faiths impossible. Buddha made a diagnosis of suffering, to which Buddhists give the Buddhism yr11 sor notes of the Four Noble Truths. The fateful day in his life came while he was meditating beneath a fig tree.

Buddhism yr11 sor notes Francis Buddhism This article provides a basic introduction to Buddhism. To purify the heart Buddhism and Christianity There are fundamental differences between Buddhism and Christianity that prevent reconciliation between the two faiths.

The truths he learned he would now impart to the world, no longer as Siddhartha Gautama, but as the Buddha, the Enlightened One.

Everyone is subject to the traumas of birth, sickness, decrepitude, and death; to what they most dread an incurable disease or an ineradicable personal weaknessas well as separation from what they love.

In Christianity man is of infinite worth, made in the image of God, and will exist eternally. Buddhism began in India about years before the birth of Christ.

Outline the position held by the individual or school of thought within Buddhism.

Accordingly, man needs a savior to deliver him from his sins. List the significant issues of the religious tradition at the time of the individual or school of thought.

Do not commit adultery 4. Individual or school of thought merely responded to what would have been inevitable changes in Buddhism. A Lion Handbook Oxford, England: Lion Publishing, paperback edn, 0.

To escape from suffering, men must crush all desire and craving, and break all the chains of attachment. Buddhism, unlike Hinduism, can point to a specific founder. Discuss the boundaries of the individual or schools of thought impact — was it confined to one part of the tradition and if so, where?

Kill no living thing including insects 2. The Four Noble Truths 1.

By the time these texts came out, division had already appeared within Buddhism. Seek to build bridges, not barriers, with your friend. Discuss reasons why the issue s was seen as significant by the individual or school of thought. Develop a comparison table using two columns like the one below.

The world operates by natural power and law, not by divine command. The Scriptures make it clear that not only does a personal God exist, but he is to be the only object of worship.

The cause of this suffering and disease is desire—craving, lust, attachment to people and things, even to life itself.

Later he met a sick man and was told that all people were liable to be sick and suffer pain like that individual. The cornerstone of Buddhist philosophy is the view that all life is suffering.

Unsatisfied by the truths taught in the Hindu scriptures, he became discouraged but continued on his quest. By following this path the Buddhist aims to attain nirvana, a condition beyond the limits of mind and feelings, a state of bliss.

Ask him, if he were to believe in the God you know personally, what sort of God he would want to believe in. Early Buddhism was confined largely to India and is usually referred to as Theravada Buddhism. It seeks to describe the central beliefs and practices of Buddhism at both a formal and popular level, and to outline the central features of the historical development of Buddhism.

The Buddhist worldview is basically monistic.Full study notes for Preliminary HSC Buddhism for the 1 Unit Year 11 - Studies of Religion II. SOR II Preliminary Notes First in Year 11 set of notes.

Explain the teachings of Buddhism in relation to one area of ethics With reference to the Tripitaka explain the teachings of Buddhism in relation to the area of study chosen.

Writing task: Describe the ethical teachings of Buddhism in relation to abortion or euthanasia. HSC - Year 11 - Studies of Religion II SOR II Assessment Task 1 - Buddhism A discussion of why Buddhism is classified as a religion (using the eight characteristics of religion) even though it does not hold any reverence for a higher being.

Jun 11,  · As for my notes, I will see about posting an assignment I did in yr 11 last year on Buddhism, which was basically a summary of all the syllabus dotpoints.

I got / for it, which was the top mark in my class of about I was happy with that, and hopefully the summaries will be helpful for someone doing yr 11 2 unit religion. Contributions to mint-body.com are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike License.

Buddhism 101

BUDDHISM Origins: Outline the HSC Prelim Studies of Religion notes - Nature of Religion and Beliefs. Yr 11 Sor Preliminary iBook uploaded by. jobin.

Buddhism yr11 sor notes
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