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When I was a child, I used to ride horses, and was especially friendly with one named Nan until the day I was riding and my brother deliberately spooked her and I was thrown, head first, against the trunk of a tree. After giving Blue the apples, I would wander back to the house, aware that he was observing me.

It seems always to go unnoticed by censors that censorship makes a book shine like a beam of light on the dusty shelves beside a thousand others because there is obviously an interesting idea there.

The rest he let fall to Am i blue alice walker ground. He tore at the ground with his hooves. What else are they going to express? Animals and humanity are not very different, and humanity should respect animals and what they are able to teach to the world about honesty, purity, and simplicity.

Get Access Am I Blue: Was that to be his sole entertainment for the day? I was not shocked that this should be the case; five acres to tramp by yourself, endlessly, even in the most beautiful of meadows — and his was — cannot provide many interesting, events, and once rainy season turned to dry that was about it.

I soon learned that the horse, whose name was Blue, belonged to a man who lived in another town, but was boarded by our neighbours next door.

AM I BLUE For about three years my companion and I rented a small house in the country which stood on the edge of a large meadow that appeared to run from the end of our deck straight into the mountains. People like me who have forgotten, and daily forget, all that animals try to tell us.

Walker also parallels the idea of humans disregarding the feelings of animals for human selfishness through the use of animals for food. He stood waiting, or so I thought, though not beneath the tree.

Blue was, to me, a crazed person. Although it seems uncomplicated and trivial, the story gains momentum in its purpose quite quickly, the story transforms from a tale of a horse to a comparison between animals and humanity itself. They are in fact completed creations at least they seem to be, so much more than we who are not likely to change; it is their nature to express themselves.

And, generally speaking, they are ignored. After giving Blue the apples, I would wander back to the house, aware that he was observing me. A banned book adds the authors name to a list of great pens in literature who caused fear and oh no!

Rhetorical Analysis of Alice Walker's

Most humans want to be ignorant on how the animals they eat are killed. And who are they? I remained as thrilled as a child by this flexible dark lips, huge, cube-like teeth that crunched the apples, core and all, with such finality, and his high, broad-breasted enormity; beside which, I felt small indeed.

I carried some over to him. When humans get bored, it is in our reach to abolish it. Walker compares this event to other more relatable events in humanity such as slavery and the treatment of Native Americans. Many more years later a white woman would say: Sometimes he would stand very still just by the apple tree, and when one of us came out he would whinny, snort loudly, or stamp the ground.

Converting meat eaters into vegetarians is far from its purpose! He galloped furiously, as if he were being ridden, around and around his beautiful five acres.

Walker is no doubt an animal enthusiast, but instead of taking an angry or even accusing approach, she attempts to instead evoke a sense of understanding from her readers.

Am I Blue: Alice Walker Essay Sample

When I shook the tree and jumped back from the shower of apples, he made no move. To conclude, I believe Alice Walker did a fantastic job through her use of imagery, personification and analogy, to place the reader directly in her shoes.

What do they want? Walker feels that instead of viewing animals as heartless creatures, perhaps human beings should make more of an attempt to empathize with them by viewing animals as having the same suffering capabilities as human beings.

For months there was, it seemed to me, a mutual feeling between me and the horses of justice, of peace. Apparently only their own reflections. I want an apple. The mountains, however, were quite far away, and between us and them there was, in fact, a town.In the essay, “Am I Blue?

- Rhetorical Analysis of Alice Walker's "Am I Blue" Essay introduction?? ” by Alice Walker, Walker discusses the emotions that animals have and the similarities that those emotions have to human emotions. In this way, Walker is comparing her emotions, as.

Alice Walkers Am I Blue essaysIt is quite simple to see that the story "Am I Blue" is about a fond relationship between a horse and a woman. However, one may wonder if there is much more to the story than what the words say. In "Am I Blue," Alice Walker conveys her high regard to.

Am I Blue: Alice Walker Essay Sample. Alice Walker has been an activist for most of her life. Walker travels the world to help fight for the poor and the oppressed. Alice Walker's essay "Am I Blue?" is a powerful meditation on the effects of slavery and the nature of freedom.

In these opening paragraphs, Walker introduces the central emblem of the essay, a horse named Blue. Alice Walker’s essay Am I Blue?, is on the surface, a statement about how humans treat animals and the right’s of animals.

Alice Walker’s “Am I Blue”

However, on a deeper level, Walker is making a very powerful argument about how human animals treat each other much the same way they treat. Alice Walker, Am I Blue. This is one of the 2 works written by the controversial Pulitzer Prize Winning African American Novelist, Political, and Human Rights activist Alice Walker which were.

Am i blue alice walker
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