A study on motivational factors of teachers in school

The use of projects also requires the active participation of students. Students who receive money for good grades are likely to continue to produce quality work, but teachers must also link good grades to future success in careers and beyond.

Motivational Strategies of Middle School Social Studies Teachers

Disagreements were discussed, and consensus was reached on all coding. Citation Information Colleen McLaughlin. But often, students must be led by teachers to realize their potential for intrinsic motivators to be effective.

Even if you plan to leave weekends aside, that will do. In addition, students seldom perceive any connection between their own lives and the people and events in history.

They were asked if their teacher used each method. There was a deep sense the spiritual needs and desires of the teachers were the ultimate reason for teaching specifically in a Christian school.

Extrinsic motivation includes outside motivational forces that push students to work hard. And, when teachers add a play-like quality to learning activities, students have some measure of control over their school learning.

Play, Dreams, and Imitation in Childhood. Those struggling with a particular subject area? However, the list will not inform them why these strategies are motivating.

The organization interviewed high school dropouts aged 16 to 26 from 25 different U. The children are actively involved discovering a colony similar to one in New England. And, students learning material for a reward typically do not continue to learn the material once the teacher removes the reward.

Extrinsic Rewards gone too far? Put down at least 5 questions related to the discussed topic and ask your tutor or experts to answer. Finally, students were asked, "If you were the teacher in this class, what methods would you use to motivate students to learn?

These strategies seem applicable to classroom teaching, but their recommendations are general. Students react adversely to the passive methods e.

School communication shouldn’t be so hard.

The resulting analysis provided the opportunity for six core categories to be formed resulting in two major themes. The students were selected at random from the school attendance lists, and consisted of equal numbers of boys and girls.A PHENOMENOLOGICAL STUDY ON MOTIVATIONAL FACTORS TOWARD THE LONGEVITY OF CHRISTIAN SCHOOL TEACHERS by Rochelle Ancheta Achuff Liberty University.

Determinants of Motivation in Teachers: A Study of Private Secondary Schools Chain Networks in Bahawalpur To determine whether secondary school teachers are motivated by only one factor or there are a group Motivational factors also differ from industry to industry (Gay, ).

Motivational Factors in the ESL Classroom Kevin Baublitz Associate Professor Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, English Department motivational survey and to suggest ways teachers can better foster a classroom environment that encourages the Sikkula-Leino’s motivational study of Finnish.

This study aimed at investigating the contribution of teachers’ motivational factors on students’ academic performance in secondary schools.

The purpose was fulfilled through three specific objectives: to find out in what ways teachers working environment affect students academic performance in community based secondary schools, to examine the ways in which teachers in-service training. MOTIVATIONAL STRATEGIES IN THE TEACHING OF PRIMARY SCHOOL MATHEMATICS IN ZIMBABWE Norman Rudhumbu the teaching of primary school mathematics.

A number of motivational theories were discussed in the study with regards to how primary school learners can be motivated to want to learn () found that inability by teachers to use. This study sought to establish the motivational factors affecting teachers’ professional conduct and work performance of high school teachers in Nairobi County.

7 Motivational Factors that Will Encourage Student to Study Well

A descriptive survey design.

A study on motivational factors of teachers in school
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